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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a White Card?

A white card must be held by everyone working or present on a construction site.

This online white card course is designed to meet WHS regulatory authority requirements for WHS induction.

Does the white card expire?

The white card does not expire.
However, it is recommended that you maintain currency through employment in the industry.

When will I get my white card?

Once you have completed all of the online sections, paid the course fee and your Practical Assessment Interview has been completed and marked by an Assessor.

Once the Assessor has marked you as competent, your course will be processed and you will be able to access your completion certificate within the course in your student account.

Your White Card Number will be emailed along with the Statement of Attainment.

How can I get my white card quickly?

If you require the White Card in a hurry we recommend you complete the online white card course.

The online white card course can be completed 100% online and at your own pace.

What skills will I gain from this white card course?
  • communication skills to:
    • clarify OHS legislative requirements
    • verbally report construction hazards and risks
    • ask effective questions
    • relay information to others
    • discuss OHS issues and information
  • comprehension skills to:
  • explain the basic OHS legislative requirements which will be applicable to own work
  • explain the meaning of safety signs and symbols
  • identify common construction hazards and methods of control
  • idenitfy and use PPE
  • discuss the basic principles of risk management.
Do I need a USI for this white card course?

Students completing this white card course from 1st January 2015 will be required to provide a valid Unique Student Identifier prior to their statement of attainment and white card being issued.

Visit www.usi.gov.au to obtain your USI prior to completing this course.

What occupations require a white card?

The following occupations (may) require a white card:

  • self-employed persons
  • labourers
  • apprentices
  • trades-persons
  • supervisors
  • surveyors
  • project managers
  • council employees
  • air conditioner installers
  • glaziers
  • bricklayers
  • lift mechanics
  • cabinet makers
  • plumbers
  • carpenters
  • scaffolders
  • concreters
  • tilers
  • electricians
  • welders
  • engineers
  • drivers
Are there any entry requirements for this course?

The entry requirements for this course include:

  • You must be over 14 years of age to complete the online white card course
  • The Queensland White card course (CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) can only be completed online and only by those students who have a Queensland residential address. They must also be unable to find a face to face course within 100 kilometers of their location. 
  • The Western Australia White card course (CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) can only be completed online and only by those students who have a Western Australia residential address.
Do I need to complete this course in one sitting?

No, you will be able to log in and out of our system without disrupting your progress through the course. Our system will remember where you last finished.

To log back into the course you can click here.

Enter your Username and Password.

We recommend you write down this website address URL so you can access the course at a later time if required

What knowledge will I gain from this white card course?
  • applicable Commonwealth, State or Territory OHS legislation, regulations, standards, codes of practice and industry standards/guidance notes relevant to own work, role and responsibilities
  • basic principles of risk management and assessment for construction work
  • common construction hazards
  • common construction safety signage and its meanings
  • general construction emergency response and evacuation procedures
  • general construction work activities that require licenses, tickets or certificates of competency
  • general first aid response requirements
  • general procedures for raising OHS issues
  • general procedures for reporting OHS hazards, accidents, incidents, emergencies, injuries, near misses and dangerous occurrences
  • general procedures for responding to hazards, incidents and injuries
  • general workers’ compensation and injury management requirements
  • OHS hierarchy of controls
  • OHS responsibilities and rights of duty holders, including:
    • persons in control of construction work/projects
    • employers and self-employed persons
    • supervisors
    • employees
    • designers
    • inspectors
    • manufacturers and suppliers
  • own responsibilities to comply with safe work practices relating to:
    • housekeeping
    • identification of hazards
    • preventing bullying or harassment
    • smoking
    • use of amenities
    • use of drugs and alcohol
  • role of OHS committees and representatives
  • types of common personal protective equipment and fire safety equipment
  • types of OHS information and documentation.